Silver Bands

Silver Bands - Silver is a precious metal that is wonderful for Jewelry, many individuals prefer Silver over Gold for the natural feeling they get when they wear Silver Jewelry as well as a Silver Band. Silver Bands are reasonably priced and make beautiful pieces of Silver Jewelry that can last a lifetime. Durango Silver Company produces quality Silver Bands that stand out from most others, they are made in the USA with a Southwestern accent.

Silver Bands

Silver Bands from Durango Silver Company

If you appreciate quality Silver Jewelry, take a look at Silver Bands by Durango Silver Company

Gemstone Inlaid Silver Bands Mens Silver Bands Gemstone Inlaid

Above and to the left is a Native American handmade Silver Band that is inlaid with Turquoise. This Inlaid Turquoise Silver Band was Navajo handmade and is a quality piece of Native American Silver Jewelry that was made to last. This type of Inlaid Silver Band can be used for a Silver Wedding Band by both men as well as women and it can be made in most all sizes. Modern Native American Silver Bands are world class and can fit into most any lifestyle, in fact, most people who purchase a Silver Band tell us once they put it on they love it so much they rarely take it off. Silver Bands from Durango Silver Company are first class and world class and are not to be confused with machine made Silver Bands that are mass produced for the costume Jewelry market. We make and sell a quality Silver Band!

To the right is what we call a mens saddle Silver Band Ring with a white Turquoise stone. We make many different designs in these Silver Bands, (saddle ring) and there are no other company's that we are aware of that make saddle bands like ours. Saddle Silver Bands are very comfortable as they are made by making a Silver Band and then fitting the top of the ring to fit the curve of the band. We make the top design so it is very low profile which makes our Saddle Silver Bands a super comfortable ring for a man or lady to wear.

Quality Silver Bands

Native American Handmade Silver Bands

Above is an example of one style of Native American Inlaid Silver Bands that we carry at Durango Silver. This is a Native American Silver Ring that was Navajo handmade and then inlaid with Turquoise, Coral, Opal and Jet. The design going down both sides of this ring have geometrical cutouts which are attractive and also make this ring unusual. You can see more views of this Silver Band by going to its presentation page - check it out!

We invite you to visit our online store to see a wide variety of Sterling Silver Bands with and without gemstones. If you are looking for Silver Wedding Bands, we also make them and usually have a large selection of matching men and women's Silver Wedding Bands on hand.

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Silver Bands by Durango Silver Company